Glamour and Boudoir Photography

I specialize in fashion, glamor and tasteful boudoir photography. As a former professional model and ballet dancer, I am able to pose my subjects in a way that shows off their best assets in a highly professional and classy way.

In glamor photography, I use soft, flattering lighting and sensual sets that bring out the inner beauty of each woman.  Every woman, no matter of her size or age, has beauty and it is my job to display your beauty in a "forever moment" that you can treasure throughout all of the stages of your life.

Boudoir photography is much like glamor, except that the atmosphere is more romantic and sensual and the shots are geared toward a "your eyes only" audience.  Many brides to be enjoy doing a boudoir session in advance of the wedding date to present to their groom during the honeymoon.  I can tell you that I've helped to make many grooms very happy on their wedding night!  My boudoir is tasteful.  I do not do nudes or erotic photography.  While I may make you look "nude" in the photograph, I insist that you remain covered in some fashion during the shoot. My style is to capture sexiness and romantic mystique with beautiful lingerie or tastefully placed props, without being totally nude, which leaves nothing to the imagination.